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Herbal and Vegetarian Cookbooks

Flowers in the Kitchen- A Bouquet of Tasty Recipes - by Susan Belsinger
Edible Flowers - From Garden to Palate -
by Cathy Wilkinson Barash
The Greens Cook Book - Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant
The Savory Way -
by Deborah Madison

My first introduction to vegetarian food was tofu, tofu and more tofu.  Mock meat loaf is not my idea of a good vegetarian meal.  Thank goodness we have moved away from the early cookbooks of mock meat and steamed veggies.  I personally own and use all the cookbooks that I have listed.  Occasionally tofu appears in the recipes but it is a rare ingredient.  The recipes are so good you can even feed them to your carnivore friends!

Flowers in the Kitchen- A Bouquet of Tasty Recipes, by Susan Belsinger - All Levels

I really enjoyed this book..  Not only does it give you a great way to incorporate herbs into your cooking, but also it makes the food look beautiful!  The book has wonderful color photos of the plants and the recipes. The recipes include such delectable items as: herbed cucumber dip with borage flowers, raspberries with lavender cream, fries squash blossoms, nasturtiums filled with guacamole and crepes with viola cream filling and violet syrup.

Edible Flowers - From Garden to Palate, by Cathy Wilkinson Barash

Can you tell that I love to eat flowers?  This is another book about incorporating flowers into you cooking.  It has beautiful photos and great recipes.  Try some of my favorites like: pansy ravioli, sage pesto, anise hyssop flower custard with pansy syrup, bee balm ice cream, lavender-blueberry soup, as well as more tradition recipes like basil pesto, dandelion wine, dilled potato salad and more.

The Greens Cook Book - Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant, by Deborah Madison - All Levels

A wonderful cookbook which is useful to both the beginner and experienced vegetarian.  This is a real cookbook, not an book dedicated to learning about vegetarianism.  There are  over 200 delicious recipes such as wild rice and hazelnut salad, roasted eggplant with garlic puree, early spring vegetable soup, basque pumpkin and white bean soup, a variety of pizza recipes, plenty of pasta dishes such as cannelloni with greens and walnut sauce,  gratins, stews and casseroles like baked polenta layered with tomato, Fontina and Gorgonzola.  The list just goes on and on.  The recipes are sophisticated in taste but relatively easy to make.

The Savory Way, by Deborah Madison - All Levels

More excellent vegetarian recipes by Deborah Madison (author of The Greens Cook Book).  Deborah is a frequent writer for Food and Wine Magazine and her culinary expertise shows.  Somehow she produced yet another book chock full of great recipes.  Some of the highlights are: couscous with winter vegetables, ratatouille, lentils in red wine, rhubarb chutney and a full assortment of desserts.  I will say that I like her Greens Cook Book better because it has more standard recipes.  But if you are looking for new ideas in vegetarian cooking, Deborah has quite a few.


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