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Books on Herbal Crafts

Soap Making Books -  from
The Soap Book -
by Sandy Miller
The Soapmakers Companion
  - comprehensive guide with recipes, techniques and know-how
Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair -
by Dina Falconi

The Soap Book - Simple Herbal Recipes, by Sandy Miller - All Levels

This is the first soap book I ever bought and it is still my first recommendation.  The book was written by Sandy Maine, the founder of Sunfeather Handcrafted Herbal Soap Company.  Anyone who has bought her products (they are often sold in health food stores) knows the excellent quality of her soaps.  In this book Sandy shares her expertise and wonderful soap formulas.  The book includes beautiful full color photos of the soaps you can make.

The Soapmakers Companion - comprehensive guide with recipes, techniques and know-how, by Susan Miller Cavitch - All Levels

This is a book designed to give soap makers even more variations on soap recipes.  Although the book is designed as a sequel to her previous book, the Natural Soap Book, it does contain the basic information to start from scratch.  I recommend this book if you already have experience making soap.  Check out her recipe for White Chocolate Mousse Soap!

Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair, by Dina Falconi - All Levels

I really like the recipes for herbal body care in this book.  Dina has included recipes from several herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar' Queen of Hungary's Water ( a facial toner, my personal favorite).  Just when you say,  "Why publish another herbal cosmetics book?" - Dina comes out with a fresh and refreshing look at herbal cosmetics.  She discussed the use of fruit and alpha hydroxy acids in facial masks, gives recipes for body scrubs and packs (just like the ones given at the very expensive spas), and deals with skin care for special situations such as acne skin, post menopausal dryness and skin care for babies.  She even has a chapter on men's products including, after shaves, jock itch remedies, spirited colognes and after shaves.


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