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Saponification Value Chart for Sodium Hydroxide

The chart below lists SAP values for commonly used oils in soapmaking.
To calculate the required amount of lye (sodium hydroxide) needed, multilpy the amount of oil you are using in ounces (wt.) by the SAP value for that oil from the chart below.
If you are using a combination of oils, calculate the necessary amount of lye for each oil and add the sums of each lye calculation for a total amount of lye required.

Example: 32 ozs. of olive oil x 0.134 = 4.28 ozs of lye needed.
To calculate water/liquid needed: Use 6 ozs of liquid per pound (16 ozs) of oil.


Sap Value

Almond Oil 0.136
Apricot Kernal Oil 0.135
Avocado Oil 0.133
Babassu Oil (Brazil Nut Oil) 0.175
Beeswax (White) 0.069
Borage Oil 0.136
Canola Oil (Rapeseed) 0.124
Castor Oil 0.128
Cocoa Butter 0.137
Coconut Oil 0.19
Cod Liver Oil 0.132
Corn Oil 0.136
Cottonseed Oil 0.138
Crisco/Veg Shortening 0.136
Flaxseed Oil 0.135
Grapeseed Oil 0.126
Hazelnut Oil 0.136
Hemp Seed Oil 0.137
Java Cotton Oil 0.137
Jojoba Oil 0.069
Karite Butter (Shea Butter) 0.128
Kukui Nut Oil 0.135
Lanolin 0.074
Lard 0.138
Macadamia Nut Oil 0.139
Mango Butter 0.135
Mink Oil 0.14
Mustard Seed Oil 0.124
Neem Oil 0.136
Olive Oil 0.134
Palm Butter 0.156
Palm Kernel Oil 0.156
Palm Oil 0.141
Peanut Oil 0.137
Poppyseed Oil 0.138
Pumpkinseed Oil 0.135
Rice Bran Oil 0.129
Safflower Oil 0.136
Sesame Seed Oil 0.133
Shea Butter 0.128
Shortening (Vegetable) 0.136
Soybean Oil 0.134
Sunflower Seed Oil 0.134
Tallow (Beef) 0.14
Walnut Oil 0.136
Wheatgearm Oil 0.132